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Party Planning, Party Supplies in Indianapolis

Concession Equipment And Supplies

Aardvark's concession machines always make the party! Whether you are hosting a birthday party or planning a fund raising event, you can depend on our machines to deliver.

popcorn.jpg (7332 bytes)

Mmmm ... The smell of fresh popped buttery popcorn! Our popcorn machine comes in two sizes to fit the needs of your event. Our 8 oz. table top model is great for smaller gatherings. You'll want to rent the 12 oz. popper for those larger events. Both include a steel cart (not pictured).

Price: 12 oz. Popper - $50.00 / 6 oz. Popper (not pictured) - $40.00

8 oz. Popcorn Kit for 8 oz. machine - $1.50
12 oz. Popcorn Kit for 12 oz. machine - $1.89
1 1/2 oz. Popcorn bags per 50 - $2.50


cottoncandy.jpg (5970 bytes)

The words "cotton candy" often bring out a smile along with a pleasant childhood memory or two. Our cotton candy machine can produce 3 to 4 cones a minute. The rental includes the floss machine, a plastic half bubble to protect children's eyes as you're making the treat (not pictured) and a steel cart (not pictured).

Price: $50.00

Cotton Candy Floss (makes 60 to 70 servings) - $8.00
Cotton Candy Cones per 100 - $6.00
Cotton Candy Bags per 100 - $6.00


snowmachine.jpg (6635 bytes)

When the temperture soars, become the hero of the neighborhood by handing out this frozen treat. This snow cone maker can produce up to 500 pounds of shaved ice an hour. The snow cone machine comes complete with ice display case, ice shaver, cone dispenser and a steel cart (not pictured).

Price: $50.00

Snow Cone Syrup - 1 gal. - $12.00
Pumps for Snow Cone Syrup each - $6.25
Snow Cone Cups per 200 - $12.00


nachocheese.jpg (6393 bytes)

Smile! Did someone say cheese? Our 3.5 quart warmer will hold a giant #10 (6 lb. 11 oz.) can of nacho cheese. The unit features a dial-a-heat thermostat to heat the cheese to the proper consistency and is also equipped with a colorful lighted display sign. Includes a steel cart (not pictured).

Price: $25.00


nachcase.jpg (8498 bytes)

And what's better than warm chips with nacho cheese? This handsome display case holds 10 lbs. of chips and features a stainless steel drop serving panel and stainless steel chute to control breakage. A low watt element gently warms the chips and it has a built in lamp to illuminate the cabinet and display its colorful sign. Includes a steel cart (not pictured).

Price: $25.00


hot_dog_roller.jpg (14200 bytes)

Our hot dog roller rotates 30 hot dogs (large or small). If hot dogs aren't your thing, you can cook Italian sausages, brats, etc., just as well. The roller features a rotating rack with a variable thermostat that lets you cook quick and keep warm for hours. Features a glass sneeze guard and includes a steel cart.

Price: $50.00

Serving the Indianapolis area: Carmel, Cicero, Fishers, Indy, Noblesville, Sheridan, Westfield, and all of Hamilton County and surrounding areas!